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Saturday, June 17, 2006

First Vacation of the Season

Yey, Al is off for a week, and he's excited to drive around, but not too far. Since we had tons of errands and lots of family activity, we drove to the city really early. First stop was a friend who borrowed our magic mic. Chatted a bit and got an invite to a party later on that day at their place but we weren't sure if we would make it. Second stop was another friend who we promised to pass by since she wanted to give me a sweater and some food she cooked for us (mmmm, spaghetti and some adobo). We didn't stay long again, and picked up our mail at the post office. After going to the bank, we went straight to downtown SF to buy two dozen's of Beard Papa's (half chocolate and half vanilla). Yum! Too bad they didn't have the cheesecake sticks available yet. We chatted with the owner for a little bit (told him how I heard about the buzz about his store by reading and also at work). Then we went straight to Uncle Bill's coz I promised to teach my aunt how to use her new laptop, and in return, she was gonna teach me and Al how to dance (okay don't laugh but it's really necessary so we won't embarass ourselves come wedding time). She also teached me how to cook (so I actually had to cook from scratch at their house - funny how I was pounding some fresh garlic and black peppers too). It was fun and I learned a lot! Believe it or not, Al and I learned the basic steps of the two-step, the rhumba, and the boogie. I'm still getting confused though. Uncle burned me some CDs for practice, and he also gave me computer speakers! We also had a hearty lunch at their place. It was fun learning the dances. Even while we were cooking, we were practicing the steps in the kitchen, hahaha!

After our visit, we hurried over to the Lumiere Theater on California Street to catch a showing of Cavite, a movie we missed at the SFIAAFF earlier this year. Anyhoo, I was glad that they were showing it again. It was actually a good low-budget movie ( heard it was made under $7000), exciting plot, but with a sad reality that made it more compelling. I really recommend this movie. Al even saw it on the papers of SF Chronicle when he was reading it at uncle's house. After the movie, we went straight to Asian Art Museum since admission is free this weekend, but when we got there it was closed. We'll try to go there again tomorrow.

Earlier today too, my brother was inviting us to go to Great America. We would've gone if we didn't have too many errands. I'm still waiting on my younger sister to get here from Wash town so we can go. But she won't be here til next week. Anyhoo, they bought a Wow card so they can always go anytime.

Last night, I found out that a grandpa of mine (my grandma's brother) passed away very quickly yesterday noon. We also thought of passing by another auntie's place, but we got so tired that we decided to head back home and just drive to our reception place. We drove to test the directions that we printed on the invitations to make sure they're correct. And they are, but with all the construction around the area, I hope the streets don't change in three months. Anyway, my condolences to the family.


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