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Friday, June 09, 2006

More Google Sneak Peeks

So I was reading my fave tech blog, when I scrolled down to see an entry on a new Google service called Google Spreadsheets, a browser-based version of Microsoft Excel I presume. Anyway, this seems interesting, though I haven't really tried it out. Oh and it's free.

Anyway, Al and I spent yesterday night watching a marathon of My Name is Earl. I like Jason Lee, but I guess his new persona in his show didn't draw me to watch him. But last night, after watching one episode, we got glued to watching the other episodes as well. The show is funneee! I will forever remember Jason Lee, errr Earl, breakdancing in the park.

Other new fave shows that Al introduced to me which I have ignored in the past - Dog the Bounty Hunter (haha, yeah I was curious so I watched and liked it) and The 4400 on USA (I didn't even know the USA network had a series, and a good one too). The latter's kinda creepy, but it also mysterious as well.


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