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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Movie Night on a Sunday

It's a bit unusual, but we decided to watch a movie today, on a Sunday night (considering there's work the next morning). It's because Al has been wanting to watch the Da Vinci Code for the longest time. We finally saw it, but I dunno how to describe how I felt after watching the movie. Maybe I'm getting too old for suspense movies (I've been trying to avoid it for the longest time), maybe I can't stand movies with too many deaths and gore, maybe it's my 13 years in a private Catholic school, or maybe I'm just getting too old. It was a good movie (I like Ron Howard movies) and had that A Beautiful Mind feel to it that made it seem less original. Some parts were predictable (like The Teacher, although the puzzle solving is probably the best part). But the story is definitely unique and compelling (I haven't read the book, so hopefully the movie did it justice). But honestly, it was kinda disturbing because of a lot of things. Now I understand why there is much debate and protest on the movie, especially from the religious sector. It is a work of fiction, but others feel it is blasphemous. Al and I just didn't feel right after watching it.


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