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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Spending Quality Time with Family

Okay, I take that back. It's not really quality time since I'll be at work most of the time, but at least I get to be with family at night. My mom, stepdad and little sis drove all the way from Wash town for a summer vacation in the Bay Area. I'm so happy Pia is finally here after a long time! They immediately went to Great America the next day (my bro and sis-in-law were off but I had to work). Yesterday, we had dinner at a Chinese restaurant. Today, we plan to go to SF and mom wants to eat at Lingnam, hehe. I wish I can convince her to go to Valley Fair mall and Santana Row, but I guess it might be far for them. Pia is becoming prettier and prettier everytime I see her.

My dear niece Camila trying her hand at chopsticks.

Pia with Camila at a Chinese restaurant in Alameda.


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