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Sunday, June 18, 2006

A Trip to Hayes Mansion

So today, we decided to stay home mainly because we didn't want to spend more gas money (gas has been so expensive nowadays) and it was becoming too hot outside. But it was nice, so later on, we decided to drive around, but not as far as San Francisco. So many nice movies in the theaters, and so many happenings everywhere, but we decided to just drive to check out the Hayes Mansion near our place (we see the signs all the time, but never really explored it). We followed the signs, and came across a residential area before getting there. It is such a nice place, huge house, large plot, and made me wish I was living in a house like that. There were some people hanging out so I'm assuming there must be some formal event. Maybe one time we'll have dinner there.

Also, it was movie night, so we decided to order Cheaper By the Dozen 2 on Pay-Per-View. It was entertaining and funny, but I liked the first one better. Anyway, Hillary Duff kinda looked weird (something different with her, was it caused by her new teeth or she just got older?) I hope she's not doing dope or anything like that.


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