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Friday, June 23, 2006

Work Luncheon and Wine Tasting

Today, I went to work (on a day when I normally work at home) because the whole group planned to go out for lunch. Lunch also included wine tasting at this place called Vino Locale in Palo Alto near University Avenue. Some co-workers rode with me, although I don't know how I ended up driving coz the plan was to ride with another person, hehe. But it's cool, I like driving the Rover anyway and my co-workers were checking it out (and I was embarrassed a bit coz it was messy). Anyway, the weather was sooo hot that I was sweating a lot. Lunch consisted of sausages, bread and cheeses, olives and others. But It seemed more like hors'doeuvres and appetizers. I wanted rice! Or maybe some barbeque. We got some shade over a nice tent where they were also serving wine so I got some cabernet even when I said I wasn't gonna drink coz I never really drink. Oh plus I'm driving. Anyhoo, we also secured a spot at the backyard under patio furniture and umbrellas while some guy explained the existing wineries around the South Bay and Santa Cruz mountains. Then dessert was served but I wish it were ice cream (believe me, the weather was scorching hot). Even though the food and dessert wasn't too satisfying, I loved the chats I had with my co-workers and they were very engaging. I guess I learned more about some of my colleagues today. It was almost a fun day, but I had to leave at the end of the day to go to the viewing of a grandfather who recently passed away.

Al and I met at Chow King in Fremont since the viewing was in Hayward. He had to drive all the way from SJ, while I was closer to the venue from work. So I made a quick order to Chow King coz I was hungry (and wasn't full with the lunch they served earlier). I still don't like Chow King for some reason (I don't like that flavor they have on their chicken chow) but I was gonna give them another chance and try something else since their menu looks good. I tried the mandarin crunchy chicken and I hated it! I love the pancit though. Maybe I'll try their other dishes next time, but so far I still don't like the food I've tasted. I also saw an old co-worker from a previous employer over there. Glad we chatted a bit (and I'm glad she saw me and recognized me). We were supposed to have lunch on a weekend a few months ago, but it didn't pull through (yeah, Carol, you still owe me Barrio Fiesta, haha).

At the funeral home, we were a bit late for the prayer vigil. My dad's family was there already, uncles and aunts, and even Jep and familia. Camila was smiling when she saw us (and pointed at us immediately) but she still won't go near us. Hahaha. Anyway, I'm saddened by Lolo Sabino's death. He has a lot of history, especially Filipino-American history that I never even discovered myself. I'm just glad to have met him, talked to him, and drank some milk and ate some crackers with him just months before he passed away.


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