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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Busy Sked for the Next Days

With the big 'event' fast approaching, all our weekends (and weekdays) have been booked in preparation for it. Last Friday, we had our required NFP class. Saturday (at the height of the heatwave), we finished our marriage encounter requirement. Also, Al borrowed the musical CD from the wedding coordinator, plus burned a couple extra copies for them. How nice of him. Anyway, Sunday we started ripping and downloading some music. Monday, my period was so strong (first day) that I was cramping so bad so I decided to take the day off. Too bad I missed work because the team had lunch at Left Bank in San Mateo. I think they specialize in French Cusine (darn, I missed some good food). Anyway, today, I had an all-day seminar to attend (so imagine my work piling up tomorrow). It's okay coz breakfast, lunch, and snacks were provided. Tomorrow, we are scheduled to watch the a tennis tournament at Stanford University, tickets care of a friend. Plus before the tournament, I am meeting someone at Hillsdale Mall. Thursday, I am meeting with my seamstress auntie to window shop for some fabrics. Friday, I scheduled dry cleaning tasks. Saturday, Al is scheduled get his tuxedo measurements, and ring cleaning. I guess I get to have a break on Sunday, or do I? Phew!

On other news, there is this show on MTV called Final Fu hosted by Ernie Reyes Jr. He looks older now, but he does look good. Glad he's back kicking some butt, hehe. I dunno about the show though. I can't watch a big guy doing side kicks to a skinny girl. Reminds me of Tekken though, the live version, hehe.


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