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Monday, July 10, 2006

Daddy's Kidney Transplant

I could never imagine myself feeling 100% confident if ever I would be under the knife. I just found out that my dad has been called in for a kidney transplant, and he had to immediately drive to SF for the surgery. My stepmom and her eldest daughter (my half-sib) are currently in Hawaii to attend a funeral, but they are flying back right away to be by daddy's side. I hope in September, he would be strong enough for the upcoming wedding. The doctor said that the operation was a success (although I get jittery when any surgery is done at Kaiser, although I trust that the SF hospital has an excellent staff). His potassium is a bit high, but he's doing okay. He was still doing dialysis when we saw him, and was sleeping a lot still (he just came out of surgery. But his spirits are up, and we keep teasing him that he's probably younger (since he got a kidney from a 40-year old person). I just hope he adjusts fine with the new kidney (my mom had the same experience, a kidney transplant, but she's strong). He has to take a couple of medicines for life though. Oh and I hope he doesn't revert back to his old ways of smoking.


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