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Saturday, July 08, 2006

A Hillsborough Mansion Visit

Wish I took better photographs. Al and I went to a Hillsborough mansion to go swimming with a friend and his family. Well, we didn't actually go swimming (Al was gonna but he changed his mind coz he was shy, hehe) so we just went on a tour of the place, ate picnic style at the massive garden (believe me there is a gardener that maintains it), and watched them swim at the pool and jacuzzi. The view was excellent with walking trails around the house and a view of the bay and airport landing strip. Inside was an antique collection from the living room to the bathroom. The best house I've seen so far. The neighbors had tennis courts, automatic gates, and expensive cars.

Before this, I went on a wedding errand spree. My friend and I visited Wedding Expressions in Daly City to look at accessories. I still need a couple of items for the wedding and I found the perfect pen and guestbook in ivory. The owner gave me a discount because it was the last item and it was kinda dirty. It was a good deal for me, thanks to mah friend who suggested the discount.


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