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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

A KTVU Practical Joke

Too bad I missed this, but as I was reading another blog, I found out that our favorite KTVU newscasters have been punk'd! As they reported a fire near Livermore, a resident, who claimed his name was "Mike Litoris" was interviewed. Get it? Mike Litoris (say it fast over and over). This is hilarious!

Anyway, also on TV, Al was watching the Dog the Bounty Hunter marathon yesterday, when one of the episodes showed them flying to San Francisco to hunt down a fugitive in Daly City. Ohh it got kinda exciting as they were getting lost in South San Francisco airport terminals, hahaha, and when they met up with a SF detective. The hunt also involved DC cops with full artillery. So I got a glimpse of them driving around Serra Bowl, going towards Pacifica, and finally approaching the fugitive's house on Hickey Blvd. Haha. But despite those intense moments, I could only think of one thing - wasn't Dog freezing the whole time in his signature sleeveless shirt? Why isn't he wearing a jacket? I wonder coz everybody else, even the captive, were wearing sweatshirts. Even his detective friend was wearing a beanie and a thick fluffy jacket. Hmm. I guess after that trip, he's happy to be back in Hawaii to enjoy the sun.

Speaking of fires and the sun, it's been sooo hot the past days in San Jo, and we've been stressing a bit on the wedding planning. So Al and I decided to go swimming today. We first dipped into the jacuzzi to get ourselves warmed up. It was very relaxing, with trees around us, and the stars just starting to come out. After a few minutes, we went to the pool. It was a sudden chill for me even though the pool was heated (mainly because I felt like being cooked in the jacuzzi). I'm glad we went swimming because we got to relax and enjoy each other's company.


Blogger Byflyer said...


The full segment is on youtube, under altamont fire. I have no sound on my pc but it's hecka funny they got punk'd.

6:46 PM

Blogger Indie Cindy said...

oooh cool! thanks for the tip. Saw it, sooo hilarious!

8:47 AM


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