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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

A Mellowed Out July Fourth

Today is one of the rare times we didn't get to see the fireworks on the 4th of July. It was sort of a tradition for me and Al to watch fireworks every year (I even bought fireworks this year, but we'll save it for New Year's, hehe). But today was different. We planned to drive to the city to have a mini-picnic just the two of us, but Al noticed a hole on the Rover's tire so we decided not to go the last minute. Al even had a whole plan for us *sob*. But my bro called us up so they can pass by later after shopping at Gilroy. This was good coz I wanted to see cutie Camila, so I invited them for dinner. Missing her already. I was shocked to learn that she can 'read' the alphabet. And she just turned two last May. Wowzer! Al cooked some korean barbeque and chicken lumpia, while I cooked some shrimp in black bean sauce.

On other wedding news - With the big 'event' approaching, I am sorta stressed out just thinking of stuff we still need to do for the wedding. Al just recently registered for the group's tux, while I had a friend help me print our programs for the reception (fortunately for me, she works at Kinko's). So last night, I got home late around past 1 am just finishing up the programs (much to Al's dismay since he woke up as soon as I came in). My friend had to do some scoring and cutting on the programs, while I folded them. Everything's getting there, but still a lot to do. Hay naku!


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