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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Sometimes Work Can be Beneficial...

...especially when its Giants Day! Okay, so I worked at home today, but I left to pick up some co-workers from work. We had to wear red (I didn't have a bright red, so I settled for a maroon-ish color). I had a late start since I had to finish up a request from a client, then off I went. As soon as I picked them up, we drove to the city to reach AT&T Park. The streets were packed with cars and people as far as Mariposa, but when we got our free tix at will call, it didn't seem that the game was sold out (well, they are playing against a not-so-popular team, Brewers). Even so, our prediction was that the Giant's weren't gonna win, and already the scoreboard showed the other team winning (btw, we were late coz I had a run-in with a security person directing traffic - long sad story).

Anyway, I got my garlic fries and watched the game. Not too much action going on, but we did enjoy the scenic views. It was very, very hot, so I felt dehydrated most of the time. I bought a large cup of soda to quench my thirst (yeah, shame on me for not getting a lemonade instead). On the 9th inning, Bonds was pinch hitting and kinda reved up the crowd (by this time, we went to the lower box sections to be in the shade). The batters were hitting the balls one after another. It got exciting and I thought the Giants were gonna lose, but they caught up unexpectedly (thanks mainly to Bonds, Finley and Durham). It was a very good game. Go Giants!


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