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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Tennis Tournament at Stanford

After work, Al and I met up with a guy in Hillsdale who was interested in buying our ATA voucher tix that we got for free last year when we had our vacation in Hawaii. I can't believe the massive response for it. I just posted in on Craigslist and after seconds, I got several phone calls and emails. Anyway, we were so hungry that before heading to Stanford to watch the Bank of the West Tennis Tournament, we passed by the rowdy Miyake restaurant for a quick japanese dinner. A lot of students from Stanford usually hang out there to unwind from the pressures of school. Dinner was, as usual, good and fast. Funny how on the walls, I saw a dish called the Google Roll with letters in different colors. I wonder if the Google peeps also hang out there.

Anyway, we quickly drove to El Camino from University Avenue and parked. We walked by Embarcadero Road towards the stadium (by the way, our reception venue is also on the same street, but towards the east). We called up our friend who had tix for us, and waited for us by the entrance of the stadium. We missed the first set, but the remaining sets were good matches. Watching the game reminded me of how I taught my cousin Marvin to play tennis, and after learning, he challenged me to three sets. If he wins, I have to buy him a milkshake at McDonald's. We were young btw. And my cousin won of course (he must've been motivated by the small prize, hehe). It was a fun match watched by a couple of family years ago. I wonder if he still remembers. Anyway, I used to have a professor named Mary Graber (who claimed she was ranked pro at one point in time) who taught me to play initially. And believe it or not, I also played doubles with a guy who hit on me a couple of times when I was a teenager, hehe.

Now back to the game. It was unusually breezy for Palo Alto weather. It was mos def nice, and good thing I brought my sweatshirt with me. I guess the heatwave is over (for now). We definitely enjoyed the game that defending champion Clijsters played. Wish the Williams sisters were there though. Al and I might pick up the tennis racket again. It's been a while since we played.


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