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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Unanimous Decision on Pacquiao

There's just no stopping Pinoy agility and power. Pacman was the man of the day, with Pinoys all over the world tuning in to see him beat his opponent Larios (with others even paying $40 on PPV). Although the announcers kept mispronouncing Pacquiao's last name (and the venue kay-zon city), he is still the star of the Thrilla in Manila (haha, I just feel like rapping when I hear this phrase).

Anyway, since it's my folk's last day in Cali, Al and I decided to head over my stepdad's bro's house (where they're visiting) to watch the bout between Chololo and Pacman. We had some roasted garlic peanuts, barbeque spareribs, ginataan, and others while watching the game on a big screen tv (I believe it was a 62" screen at that house). Pia and I made a quick stop at Seafood City to buy some ice cream as well (and fireworks, shhh). It was a good fight, with Pacquiao obviously slugging the poor guy and giving him two knockdowns. I've never seen a game of his before (almost at a party at Sheila's place, although Al and I didn't stay for the game). Besides, I can't really sit down and watch a violent sport like that. Now that I actually saw a fight of his, I have much respect for the man now (even though he mentioned in an interview after the fight that he wanted to 're-adjustment' himself, haha, and is obviously a corporate sponsor hog by wearing a McDonald's cap after the fight, go figure). I can't believe how quick he is, and strong for a small guy (btw, he was smaller than his opponent). Anyway, we were all screaming 'Go Pacquiao!' A game is always good when the person you're rooting for wins!

After the game, I had to say my goodbyes to my visiting familia since they're driving back. I'm gonna miss my sis, but I'll definitely see her in September anyway. I also gave my wedding invite to my mom, and had them bring some of the gowns to the bridesmaids in Wash town. We also gave them some Red Ribbon ensaymadas for their trip.


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