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Friday, July 14, 2006

Update on Daddy's Surgery

Yesterday, we visited dad at the hospital and as soon as we entered the room, he was smiling and watching CNN. I was so happy to see him in good spirits, and before you know it, Al and I were in a jolly mood joking around with him. I'm so glad he is recovering well. Already, he is walking, and I was reading cards from family who visited him.

Before our drive to the hospital, we passed by a joint in Millbrae after work called Tapioca Express coz we were craving for their dinner combos and avocado shake. We've been there before (the one in Union City, Fremont and SJ), but a lunch with a friend introduced me to a different franchise, one that sells Filipino combos. Actually we've been to the Millbrae branch when they first opened, but they didn't have those Filipino combos yet. Glad we decided to go again because now they have giniling on rice and hard-boiled eggs, and I like their pipino with good spicy suka. I'm actually craving for their calamari combo and avocado shakes right now...


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