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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Would You Donate Blood?

I dunno if I can do it, but Al did today at work. He volunteered his blood to a blood drive they had, but it made me concerned that he might lose a lot of blood. They did take a pint from him, but so far he's not showing signs of weakness. He said they check people first for low iron, and he was okay. I'm so proud he did that. I guess it's a good karma point for him. As a reward, I treated him at Chow King (I still don't like some of the food there, but I do like their sago-gulaman).

It's still breezy today at work. I had to work overtime today, so I had to postpone my meeting with my auntie to Sunday. I felt guilty coz she was waiting for me, but what can I do if work is hectic? Sux sometimes. I am luvin' the weather lately, and I hope it would be like this on our wedding day. But I'm also expecting the worse so I'm bringin' my water and some tissue to wipe off sweat, hehe.


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