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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Blogging Hiatus - This Week's Recap

So sorry, I guess the past days have been a blur. I am feeling somewhat stressed because everyday has been hectic, and yet, the closer the event gets, the more we knock out items off our "to do" list. I have been somewhat updating the wedding blog more than this blog, so you can go there for now until I have more bandwidth (most likely after the wedding). We're excited to see family, and so far things have been falling into place.

For the past days, we celebrated Al's birthday last August 2nd (but didn't do anything special except dinner). Momo gurl is back in town (yey) after a long and relaxing vacation in Guam and the Philippines. She gave Al a shirt, and I got some cool wooden carved souvenirs. Best of all, I got some pinipig pulvoron, otap, and other cool treats.

Also, this weekend, Al and I went to Pistahan (although we got there later during the day). The amazing part of the exhibit was across the street, Kasal Pilipinas. Check out my wedding blog for more details regarding this. We met interesting people, and got invited to the business mixer. Too bad our time was limited.


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