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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Blogging the New SF Centre

So after all the hype, Al and I decided to finally check out the new San Francisco Westfield Mall two days after it opened. We first entered bloomingdale's and I had to go to the restroom, so I went. The restrooms alone were nice (though the line was long) with full-length mirrors, full private doors for each bowl, nice wall paper, etc. We walked through bloomingdale's visiting upscale boutique stores such as Burberry, and walked towards the mall. We visited the chic and new Forthe & Towne that had a nice ambiance and collection, and there was a DJ spinning Gorillaz's Feel Good inside the store. I saw Zara for the first time, and we also checked out H&M and went window shopping. Then we passed by Borders and suddenly remembered that we had an old gift card that we haven't used yet. So we bought three books - a collection of Rolling Stone covers, a book of positive quotes about success, and a book that compiles photographs from modern women photographers. You can say we stocked up on coffee table books, hehe. There were also a couple of events happening inside the store as well, such as the signing of a visiting author, and a mascot promoting some new game.

As we walked outside the store, I got tired walking so many floors that I decided to take pics of the dome and sit on the couches below the dome and by the stage. Then we saw a unique sounding band playing xylophones, bass, drums, and a DJ with turntables. The result was very cool music that almost sounds trip-hoppy. Afterwards, there was a fashion show by local designers. Man, the models were so pretty (and skinny). Wish I could give them some food, hehe.

We felt hungry so we decided to eat at the food court. Interestingly enough, the former bloomingdale's used to be Emporium, so they named the food court The Food Emporium which I thought was appropriate. Gosh, this brought back memories of the former store before they closed. Anyway, we decided to eat at Buckhorn Grill (we ate there before at the Metreon), and I ordered their roadhouse salad with fried onions. Yum! While Al was ordering, I tried to find a spot near the entertainment. Since the food court had mini-versions of upscale restaurants, it was only appropriate to have the Conservatory of Music students play in the middle of the food emporium. I was pleased to hear Entrance of the Queen of Sheba, and I found myself applauding them afterwards while eating my salad. The most classy ambiance I was exposed to was when Al brought me last year at Mark Hopkin's Hotel to eat dinner at Top of the Mark with a jazz band playing live in the background, but the classical music I think tops that off, and it was just a regular (but upscale) food court with more affordable food.

After dinner, our final destination was going to the top floor to see the Filipino Cultural Center. Al insisted we go, but it was blocked. I guess they weren't opened yet, I wasn't sure. But there was another event going on, this time the public is invited to spin a wheel (sponsored by Fandango) for a chance to win some movie tickets. Some people won PS2 games, others t-shirts, movie posters, caps, etc. But Al, when his turn came up, spinned it once, and he won a movie ticket! Lucky! Anyway, I came next and I only won a movie poster (there were several choices, but I chose Charlie and the Chocolate Factory).


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