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Friday, September 08, 2006

Ichiban Night with Cousins

Today was a busy day for us. First up, we went home to bring our car to the shop only to find out that someone broke into my car and stole my CD player and ignition. Maybe they were trying to steal the car, but didn't succeed, or maybe someone had passed by so they fled. I was bummed about this very much. Al called the police to report it, we called up security at our area to ask if there were other instances like this, and I called the tow truck to bring it to the shop. We were stressed.

While waiting for the tow truck, I received a call from a potential employer who I interviewed with few days ago. They asked me how my day was, and I had said it was good earlier until I found out that someone broke into my car and stole my CD player. The recruiter said that she hope she can make my day better, and I did say I hope so. She did make my day so much better by offering the job I had interviewed for. I was happy, and the company is great too with an awesome view.

After towing the car to the shop, we proceeded to Jep's so we can meet up and bring our cousins to Ichiban. It was a great night, because Raf (Nannie's boyfriend) and Aldrin (Angel's bestfriend's brother) were both game to be on stage. Even Nannie was called upon to join Raf on stage while he serenades her. Man, he sings so well. I do hope he gets into the final rounds of American Idol (he's gonna try to audition btw, so pray for him). It was a very, very fun night with some drinking and laughing. I was teary-eyed becaused I laughed sooo hard! And the placed was packed as usual! I've been there so many times, and everytime I go, the jokes are still funny to me. I had a blast despite our car problems.


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