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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Interesting Fall Shows

So it's season premiere time for a lot of shows. My fave shows are back with interesting episodes. Some new ones are promising, and some are over-hyped. I was interested to see Heroes but for some reason it didn't appeal to me until the end of the pilot. So I'm hoping it would get more interesting. But there were funny surprises. I was pleased to watch this show when Al was channel surfing. It featured Ted Danson in a new show Help Me Help You so we were curious. We liked it and thought it was funny. Today, we saw Ugly Betty which I heard was based on a Spanish telenovela. I thought it was entertaining. Somehow, I feel like Ugly Betty (although not as smart as her probably).

Speaking of my new job, yesterday when Al and I had lunch, I saw the letter 'b' in bloomingdale's being put up in the face of the building. I didn't know they opened today. I heard good things about the new Westfield mall in SF and am excited to check it out. On Saturday, we'll be in the city to see Kiefer, hehe, so we'll definitely check it out.

Here is a cell pic shot of bloomingdale's prior to opening day.


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