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Friday, September 22, 2006

It's Official - Last Day @ Work

So I gave my notice at work two weeks ago as soon as I came back from a two week vacation. As some of you already know, I was off due to my wedding renewal. As soon as I came back, I went inside my boss's office and gave him the bad news (good news for me though). This is bad news for him because we are low on resources and we are in the middle of a major redesign of the website. But no worries, the team is awesome anyway. He gave me a wedding gift after I gave him my notice which got me feeling even more guilty, but hey, I gotta move forward and start using his Crate and Barrel card, hehe. Anyway, it was such a nice gesture.

The following days, I tried to finish any pending projects I have, while my dear colleague Michiko took over my responsibilities. I also brought my hard drive so I can erase all my old data and transfer all my personal files. I felt sad to turn in my laptop, and sadder when I turned in my badge today. I packed all my personal stuff and said my goodbyes. Here's my email to the gang:

Hello all,

As some of you already know, today is my last day at [insert former employer here]. I have accepted an offer at [insert new employer here] to work on their site, an offer that's difficult to refuse (especially the shopping discounts, j/k). I will surely miss the Friday breakfasts, the free pizza, the free database downloads, the [insert former employer here] swag, the nice cube with a view, the free Giant's games, the lunches, the free soda and espresso, etc. I'm just kidding =P ... Of course, I'm going to miss all the wonderful people of [insert former employer here] most of all. It has been a pleasure working with all of you. I have definitely learned a lot in my 2 1/2 years stay here.

Anyway, please do keep in touch. Please feel free to reach me at [insert email here] or [insert number telephone here].


Yesterday, they tricked me into going in the conference room for a meeting, and I brought my laptop, only to find out that they all gathered for some cake. My boss bought a cake from the awesome Copenhagen Bakery to congratulate me on my new job, and to bid me farewell. It was sad as I tried to answer all their questions. Today, my colleagues and I had our last lunch together, so we went to Yeah Restaurant which is right across the Electronic Arts campus. I was beginning to feel sadder, as I discovered some people were either working from home today, were on vacation, or were off for the day. Unfortunately, I didn't get to say my goodbyes to them.

Wth my departure, I wanted to give them parting gifts to remember me by. I had a lot of extra wedding favors (rosewood pens engraved with our names on it) so I just gave 'em away. I wanted to quietly leave, but little by little, people were trickling down my cube wishing me well, and emails were pouring in from our head designer, technical operations, senior management, broadband, teams from other countries, and my internal clients. I felt honored and flattered by their responses, and yet sad that some people didn't know I was leaving and were very shocked and surprised (I assumed after I gave my notice, that everybody knew since gossip spreads fast). Anyway, the most interesting email came from an employee who is not exactly in my team, but is part of a broader group that included us. I'm still not sure if he's asking me out to lunch as a friend or more than that. Most emails were from co-workers who told me to keep in touch and keep them in mind for discounts with my new employer. Funny!

Anyway, as I move on to another chapter, Al too has been called upon to a better opportunity and he's very excited about it. I guess you can say that the past wedding has given us a lot of blessings, and that my family's prayers have been heard. If Al does get his gig, this means he'll be working closer our place, and I will be commuting alone to the city (we had planned to carpool since we will both work in the city). We were even contemplating of moving back to the Peninsula. Wish us luck! Here's the send-off from my co-workers -


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