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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Let's Name That Polka Tune

Today, we went back to the shop to have the Honda fixed (we had an appointment). It's keyless entry is still not working because my auto-locks are not working since my accident two years back. The shop couldn't fix it until I get parts at Honda, but my wipers and sunroof are finally working. So at least something happened. Anyway, we did a couple more errands like having our wedding movie converted to DVD, dropped off our chosen wedding pics to the photographer so he can start on the wedding magazine album, dropped by a friend's house who's going through a lot right now and gave him back the CDs I borrowed for the wedding (only to find out I'm missing one), pay our mortgage, etc. Anyway, as soon as the shop called, we picked up the car.

At night, we did our usual routine, Al watched his sports while I surfed the net. But before that, we had some quality time watching two funny movies - The Benchwarmers and She's The Man. I really like Amanda Bynes and I think she's super funny and a very good comedian (just look at her facial expressions). Since we were in a laughing mood, I started surfing my favorite sites and came across this hilarious video from another blog. This video was made by a Weird Al fan -


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