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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Quality Time for Ourselves

We finally got some down time today. Al wanted to go shopping because his cousin gave him a $200 Macy's gift card. So we went to buy a lot of stuff and ended up getting a 35% discount, leaving us with more credit which I think is very cool. We were at Macy's a little after closing time coz the cashier had some trouble with the register. After that was over, we couldn't shop anywhere else because the mall is closed. We were hungry, so we decided to watch a movie and eat there.

We first bought tickets to Accepted since we didn't find any other movie we liked plus I think Justin Long is cool. As I looked at other movie titles, I saw Little Miss Sunshine, and I thought I'd rather see that one. The movie was cool, I like the dialogue on Proust in the last part of the movie, and the part when the son found out he's color blind. I also like the cast of quirky characters, and the movie is so funny. Anyway, it was just nice to spend quality time with hubby.

Check out the trailer of Little Miss Sunshine here.


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