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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Some Magic Mic and Swimming

Today, we woke up early to prepare breakfast for our guests who slept over. Al cooked some langonisa and eggs, while I heated up our left over's from eating binge the past days at Max's, Barrio Fiesta, Chow King, and Gerry's Grill (ya know they were all excited to eat at these restaurants since they don't have it in Washington). Afterwards, Al and I had to go to DC to return the money box and mannequin we borrowed.

While we were there, the kids decided to sing some magic mic. But when they accidentally pressed a button and the music disappeared, they decided to go swimming (we had left the key for them to swim). Luckily, they were the only people there which is cool, coz they get the pool to themselves. Al and I followed, and Al swam, while I prepared some ice cream for them and had some Boy Bawang and other chips too, hahaha. Later during the day, we all packed up to sleep over at Jep's so he would have company. Abs had a week long convention in SJ, so we thought that maybe Jep might need us too. For dinner, we all ate at Toppings in Union City. It was everyone's first time there (although we always eat at the one in DC). Yep, we loved our sizzling plates.


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