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Monday, September 18, 2006

A Week of Car Repairs

I mentioned earlier that someone broke into my baby blue Honda (man that car has endured a lot). Anyway, the shop finally finished repairing it (it had a blown head gasket and needed a radiator fix). Also, the shop replaced the ignition thingy since the culprit tried to steal the car and took it out! This is costing me a lot of money, but it's not over yet. Today, I brought it to Fry's to install an alarm and a new stereo (oooh, I got my new Pioneer stereo). It used to have an alarm system, but ever since an accident two years ago, the alarm, which started to act up then, had to be disconnected. And it used to have a Pioneer stereo which I bought from this guy on Craigslist years ago when I got my car, but stupid me left the detachable face for a few days, and this probably attracted the burglar who obviously stole it! And the pocket too! Too bad the keyless isn't working (again didn't work after the accident), although the car is now armed with the alarm system. They still need to check the fuses so we might bring it back. Hopefully they fix it.

Anyway, later today, we met up with Violeta at Miyake in University Ave, Palo Alto so we can have dinner (and give her a little something) as a token of our appreciation for coordinating the reception. Word cannot describe how grateful we were for all her help. I swear I was in a weird daze that day that I had no care to what was going on. Good thing she was there to the rescue to remind me of things.


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