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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Yey, I am Back in the City!

Since my recent acceptance of an offer I cannot refuse, I have found myself back in the hustling and the bustling of the SF Financial district. This was one area I tried to avoid in terms of employment just because of the fact that it is very difficult to park during work hours anywhere in the area, bu I guess I'm officially a downtown girl, so to speak. I'm used to driving around the city, but not during the rush hours, and not everyday. Imagine that. It was kinda scary driving around the day, with all the construction noise, the busy streets, and walking people, etc. I must admit though, I fell in love with the view! Nothing can beat this. How many times can you say you work by the water with an awesome view of the Bay Bridge.. Btw, I actually witnessed workers putting up the "b" in bloomingdale's (caught it in cell cam). Yep, an addition to the SF Centre mall. Exciting!

First day at work was fun, with orientation at their headquarters in the Peninsula, served breakfast (got my OJ and muffin), fun-filled activities (I felt I was in third grade with flash cards, comics and cartoons), lots of videos and interesting facts I learned about the new employer, and meeting new employees as well. The next day was my actual first day at the new job, but unfortunately my computer wasn't up and running, but I already had a lot of meetings lined-up. Plus I had a bad allergy attack (I heard it's hay fever season and my coughs are getting worse). Despite these, I had a nice modern desk with a little welcome note, and very nice and sweet and cool co-workers. Anyway, the third day was more productive, with my pc up and running (thanks to the responsive helpdesk), but my mac and laptop is still not configured. Hopefully this gets resolved tomorrow.

It was also a good day because Al and I carpooled together to the city. He also got promoted today with higher pay which made us very happy. So to celebrate, Al bought some of our favorite Tu Lan and ate by the water and the view of the bridge. It was once awesome lunch, one that we haven't done for a long time. Also, he picked me up early since the whole team had a bowling thing going on, and I didn't go since I had to carpool. Plus my allergies are bothering and I'm feeling not so well.

Since I'm back to the city, I wanted to share some SF news. On Saturday at the Lumiere showing of a new film, Kiefer Sutherland will make an appearance. I think Kiefer is in the documentary as the manager of a rock band. I wish we can make it that night to see him in person (and am curious to see the film as well).

My very awesome elevated view during lunch hours.


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