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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Halloween Monster Bash @ Work

It was my first halloween at my new job yesterday, and I didn't expect it to be fun! In the early afternoon, our whole group was divided to smaller groups with the task of carving and dressing up a pumpkin! We decided on Marie Pumpkinette (like Marie Antoinette), and we can only use tools and materials provided to us. We didn't win the grand prize (not even the runner-up prize) but we had a fun time doing it. I thought all the other pumpkins were really creative.

Around 3 pm, kids were passing by cubes to trick or treat. They had very adorable costumes! Some were firefighters, others fairies and princesses. At 4 pm, we all gathered upstairs for the festivities. There were lots of sweet pastries and rice crispy treats, candy, balloons, drinks, etc. The kids also had a fun table where they can frost their own cookie. They were announcing costumes in the running for best celebrity, best group, and most creative. My personal fave was when my bozz dressed up as the trashy Britney Spears and partnered up with another co-worker who dressed up as K-Fed. It was funny as she wore a sleeveless shirt with the words 'I got the golden ticket' while K-Fed was playing 'Oops I Did It Again' on his cellphone. Both were also wearing trucker hats, and Brit was also carrying some Starbucks. Hilarious!

Afterwards, they announced the winners (the Federlines won). This was immediately followed by a pie-eating contest (there was only one female who joined). It was fun to watch them shoving their faces into the pies without touching them, while the cream ends up all-over their faces! Funny stuff!

Tonight, Al kept bugging me to go out to SF for Halloween. I called up my brother and told him that I wanted to see Camila so we passed by. When we got there, we ate some dinner, and spent the rest of the night watching Nacho Libre which was stupid, but hilarious. I didn't get to see Camila in her costume though, although she was supposed to be Pocahontas, which was supposed to be my costume too if I hadn't changed my mind. We ended up not going to Castro, but it was actually a good thing, because Al found out in the news that there was a shooting and it turned violent. I guess it wasn't a happy halloween for some.


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