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Friday, October 27, 2006

One Most Awesome Friday Night

So Al has a three-day weekend (yipee) so he decided to drop me off work and pick me up later. It was the usual busy day at work, but around lunch time, I went out to have lunch with dear hubby. He made a quick stop at Osha to buy me some crab fried rice, and we decided to stroll at Moscone to check out OpenWorld (but we were too late of course because they were just cleaning up). So we ate at Yerba Buena Gardens by the falls, and took some pics. After lunch, we were so full, so we decided to walk a little.

We walked towards SFMoMA and decided to check it out. I also wanted to try my new benefit of unlimited free visits to the museum, courtesy of my new employer. Yeba! It's been a while since we've been there, but we were definitely happy to see a range of Matisse paintings. We also got to see Klee etchings, and designs by Alexander Gerard. But what we missed was a film documentary about the Smith's frontman Morrissey. And we missed it by a day!

Afterwards, Al dropped me off at work, and them picked me up again after work. We then ate at Coriander Gourmet Thai at the new Westfield's Food Emporium. We walked around the mall and came across CocoaBella, where Al bought some samples of international chocolates (Swiss and Belgian being my faves). What we ate were some of the best chocolates Ihave eaten so far in my lifetime! It just melted in my mouth! I wish I could have some more, but they were very expensive! To be more specific, we each had a piece of Corne Port Royal, Valentino, VanCoillie and Laderach. Yum!

After our sugar high, we walked some more by the busy Market street on a Friday night. But before crossing to the other side, we got blocked by Critical Mass bikers. I used to remember this years ago, when the group was fairly small, but now it is sooo huge. The flow of bikers seemed endless, and they looked like they have so much fun. We also got a small glimpse of upcoming Halloween, with some bikers in costume already, some with boomboxes playing loud sounds.

We strolled even more to shopping areas like Shoe Pavillion and others in Powell. We were gonna walk all the way to Union Square, but turned back towards the parking lot coz Al wanted to drive me around. Once in the car, he drove me to Pier 23 or wherever the Waterfront restaurant was, where there were there was a light-lined dock with benches, and on the opposite was a view of the Transamerica building. It was lovely. He drove me some more to another view of the city in the alleys of Chinatown which was sooo beautiful, and then we drove back home. I felt like I was in a full date for the first time, and believe it or not, I got to know him even more - this after ten years of togetherness.


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