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Monday, October 16, 2006

A Recap of Week's Past

The past week seemed to pass by so fast. So what did happen? Nuthin' much, still adjusting to my new responsibilities at work, trying to fix hardware and software issues before diving into projects, and exploring the area more. I got my monthly parking just in case I drive by myself to the city (Al actually found parking for me). But since he's still training in the city, we're still carpooling (I just love sleeping in the morning while he drives us to work, hehe). Imagine me bringing my pillow and baby blue blankie (knitted by my dear Auntie Loreto) in tha car (yep that's officially my fave blankie). Anyway, I am loving the area where I work with the wonderful view. As I explore the surrounding areas, though familiar to me, it has changed considerably over the past years. It's where my bro had his civil wedding reception at a nice restaurant at Hotel Griffon, and where Al and I used to hang-out and walk all the time. But they also have little nooks that I haven't explored, and then I discovered Fatt Dogg, hehehe. Awesome hotdogs by the way. I am actually craving for their calabrese right now.

We've also revisited Carmen's, a little Filipino restaurant that my mom used to bring me when I was 16. It used to be on the water on 3rd Street, but ever since the SBC Park construction years back, they relocated a block away, still by the water but not on top of it anymore. I remember them having good steaks by the way. Unfortunately when we went there, they were out of the good stuff *sniff*. We also discovered that the new manager looked familiar. Al asked him if he had a store in Pacifica and he said yes. Wow, a young entrepreneur. Anyway, we told him we loved the mais con yelo in Pacifica, hehe, and we frequented his restaurant Kenkoy's when we were still in DC. I told him I used to remember Carmen's when I was a teenager (btw, an old friend also worked there when she was in college). I also told him how I remember Kenkoy's being on 5th Street by SF Chronicle (again I was a teenager then too). I guess he figured out how old I was, hahaha. Anyway, it was nice to see that these places were still around.

At home, Al and I watched reruns of Project Runway and Top Chef on Bravo. Sunday, we went to church at St. Joseph's and the mass, as usual, blew us away. I always get teary-eyed every time I go to mass there. The place is just beautiful. Oh, and we watched the RAVE channel all day (I attmepted to record the Glastonbury Fest 2005 on video but ran out of batteries). Man, I desperately need TiVo!


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