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Monday, October 09, 2006

Speaking of Videos...

I just uploaded a bunch more videos on the past days. Al and I just finished watching our new fave TV show Heroes and then we switched to the news. Guess what the latest talk of the town is? Google just bought for more than a billion! I didn't know they were based in San Bruno! We've been in San Bruno a lot lately for my orientation, and then we ate at Melaka coz it was buffet (ugh I'm never gonna eat there again). We also ate at Patio Filipino (yummy), and today after work, we passed by our favorite buffalo wings place.

Speaking of Google, one of the recruiters tried to contact me because they had remembered me from my application last year. I had gone through two steps last year, a phone interview with the recruiter, and an html test. Unfortunately, they decided not to move forward last year. But they did contact me again this year and was willing to give me another chance. So I took the html test again, and I got turned down another time. Oh the hurt! Turned down twice? But what made me feel good is that I reached that step, and that they actually remembered me. That already made my day. The recruiter this time was very nice, and I got some props because she liked my portfolio. Yey! But you know, I'm not giving up! No matter what! =P

Since we're in the topic of videos, I guess I had some downtime last weekend to edit some vids coz I was sick. How sick? I had to go to the emergency room becasue I couldn't breathe properly anymore (it was so bad that my inhaler for asthma wasn't working anymore and I feared for my life). Anyway, the doc gave me some prednisone and arithromycin (anti-biotics) for my bronchitis. Anyway, they also gave me two asthma treatments to help me breathe normal again (although I must admit, the next day, I had a difficult time breating again, although not as bad). They put a mask instead of the hand-held one, so imagine me breathing into it with some smoke coming out, haha. Eek! I look like an alien! Al was amused that he took a pic of me (wish he took it with smoke coming out) -


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