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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

You Tube Concocting Something?

That really sounds sooo Googley huh? Concoctions? Formulas? Anyway, I was surfing (mainly because I wanted to view our family videos), and I saw the image below. Oh well, I guess this is first of a series of downtimes ever since Google bought usually go to the site around this time, and today it's down. No surprises there. But I am definitely curious.

On Microsoft news, I started testing and surfing my sites on the new Internet Explorer 7 browser which I downloaded on my work laptop. Good thing I didn't find any major issues (well, actually I didn't find any issues), but I surfed some sites and there is definite funkiness with other sites. I still need to get used to the UI (I discovered that maybe my bestfriend on this will be the alt key). Anyway, it looks like they wanna be Firefox, but laid out differently. I still need to explore more and get used to this (or maybe I'll just stick with IE 6, hehehe, just kidding. Maybe I'll stick with Firefox *shhh*. They did release FF 2 so I need to check that out as well. Anyway, today I signed up for an AJAX workshop in November hosted by the SFWOW organization, and am hoping to bring a friend...

Also, in the spirit of the upcoming Halloween, check out the 15 Freakiest Web Sites.


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