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Monday, November 27, 2006

My Thanksgiving Day Post

Happy Thanksgiving to all! Hope everyone had a good one. Al and I spent our day with family in Valley-Jo. We checked out the familia's new crib (nice front anf backyard, plus a playground for Mia. The house has 4 bedrooms, and huge family room/living roon spaces. It's still not furnished, but it needs little work (light fixtures and conttemporary mirrors are awesome).

We started off driving to Jep's so we can all carpool to Dad's. Traffic was heavy than the usual weekend drive, but we spent most of our hours chatting and playing with cute Mia. Upon arrival, we immediately saw Daddy outside.Once inside, we checked out the rooms, and instantly grabbed some of Tita Ana's lumpia, hehe. Then we chatted some more, and stuffed ourselves with diinuguan, pancit, menudo, and tons of dessert! People even barely touched the turkey (only Daddy had one slice). Anton plugged in the Pacquiao fight he recorded, and we were all watching closely (and screaming because of excitement). We watched a movie on dvd, and also showed them our wedding pics that were printed for the album (more like the proofs we had to choose from for out magazine album thingy). We ate again, took tons of food at home, and called it a day.Jep and familia stayed overnight at our place tp get ready for black friday.


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