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Friday, November 17, 2006

Not Your Regular Rapper

I came across this on the Stereogum site. This happened here in San Francisco at the Live 105 studios. I think this guy has mad skillz I tell you! Check it out -

Anyway, last night, I met up with a friend coz we were going to attend this workshop on AJAX (okay peeps, it's not the soap) sponsored by SFWOW. We were late coz I kept circling around trying to look for parking. Just when I was about to give up, I found one on Geary, next to Osha Thai Noodle. The workshop was a little confusing coz we missed the first part, and there was a lot of talk of Javascript and Dom scripting. First of all, I couldn't connect to the network. Secondly, I didn't bring a cable. Third, our exercises went wrong. Nevertheless, we were able to catch up.

After the mini-training, we decided to eat close by where we parked, at Osha, hehe. I got my crab fried rice and fried ice cream fix - yum! Arlene ordered some fried chicken and taro rolls. We chatted a bit and went home. It was fun hangin' out. I don't usually hangout on a Thursday (unless we go to Popscene), but it was nice for a change.


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