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Thursday, November 02, 2006

A Quick Gallery Visit @ Work

Today my friend Anne and I met over lunch at work. I showed her our cafe and I wanted her to witness the awesome view but it was raining a little bit. So we decided to go to Rincon Center and eat lunch at the Thai restaurant over there. Unfortunately, we ate by some steps because all seats and tables were taken. It's cool coz seating pads are provided to people, and the ambiance with a piano player in the middle was nice. We chatted over some good lunch too.

Anyway, after lunch, we entered the galleries of my work building. This was my first time to check it out and I was stunned at their collection. They had awesome dosplayes of photographs, paintings, sculptures, and even digital media. The coolest collection was the exhibit of Andy Warhol works. We took some pictures for kicks via my cellphone cam.


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