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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Santa Clara 49ers? I Don't Think So!

Okay, even though I am a resident, I don't know if it sounds right. I love SF and the team's legacy is in that city, so their move is just devastating. I guess everyone will start to sing I Left My Heart in San Francisco... *sob*

Anyway, to release my frustration, I went on a surfing spree on the web! Okay, maybe I dove into some pending projects I have. Check out an update on this site.

Other Yay Area news - A's are really moving to Fremont (for real), say goodbye to the Olympic bid, and it's been raining lately. What is going on?

With my surfing, I found myself using LinkedIn again. I guess ever since I got my job, I started using it to keep in touch with other colleagues there.

Speaking of work, I learned a hyphy phrase, Ghost Ride the Whip, from a co-worker. So I searched in out on Google. Funny. The other night, Carson Daly was just talking about it on his show, and he actually did it! It didn't look right though, haha! Anyway, my nephew and niece is really into the hyphy movement in the East Bay. I learned other things, such as stunna shades, gas-brake dippin, scraper, shake dem dreds, grill, ridin' the yellow bus, ripper, slapper, thizz face, yadadamean, yadadadig, giggin, gouda, and much much more. No wonder I don't understand what they're saying, haha! Just listen to E-40's Tell Me When To Go and you'll get the lingo.


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