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Saturday, November 18, 2006

We Missed a Good Pacquiao Fight!

Today was the Pacquiao fight against Morales and my friend Mo was inviting us to watch it at their place and join them for barbeque and some drinks. But unfortunately for us, we changed our mind. She did say that he won the "Grand Finale" fight, and that it was a good one since he knocked out Morales in the third round at Wynn hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. Here's the HBO countdown -

Earlier today, Al and I went to Santana Row to try out Maggiano's Little Italy. It was a nice sunny but cold day today, and outside the restaurant was a live concert of random musicians, while people were hanging out by the grassy areas and tables to watch and eat. There were small restaurants around the area too (and an Urban Outfitters, hehe). Maggiano's had a nice ambiance and excellent service (well, our server was really, really nice and cute-looking too). Food was good and not too pricy for the ambiance. I ordered the salmon with fettucine alfredo, while Al had the chicken parmesan with spaghetti. Mo also met with us and had the four cheese ravioli. We also had come calamari fritte (although I like Sonoma Chicken Coop's better), and spumoni for dessert (yum).

After a hearty lunch, we went straight to downtown SF for a sample sale at work. I was overwhelmed at all the clothes and samples for sale that I kept putting tops in the plastic bag they provided. My goodness! I put some stuff on hold because I didn't have a check (they won't accept anything else, not even cash). But I put it on hold coz they were good and cheap stuff. Can't wait to go back! Later at night, I went to a salon to get a haircut coz my hair is getting long and nasty! I like the salon (my first time there) so I think I will go back there. I like what they did to my bangs. Yeah, ya heard me, I have bangs! Kewl eh?

In the morning, I woke up early so I surfed the net while Al was still sleeping. Then I checked out my friendster profile and got bored with it. So I changed the layout. Check it out. I also changed Al's layout, hehe. Enjoy!


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