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Saturday, December 09, 2006

3rd Rock for Aids in San Jose

Oki, so my bro's old band (I'm saying old coz he's not with Julie Plug anymore, but a supporter instead) is playing near our place. And I literally mean the venue is just blocks away. Anyhoo, for those who are looking to support a good cause this holiday season, awesome bands are playing (and you can rollerskate too, all for $10). I like Scissors For Lefty (Al said they were featured months ago by Live 105's soundcheck) and I've heard their stuff (saw their very retro video). I also like the other band playing, Honeycut, but for some reason, I'm not jiving with the band My Former Self (I'm sure the emo kiddies would love them). Anyway, Julie Plug is opening, and it's worth a look-see. Haven't seen them for awhile, but since my bro is going, he wants me to babysit his daughter, hehe. Well, she is my beloved niece and godchild so I'll do anything to hang with her I guess. Also, I got invited to a birthday celebration simultaneously taking place there as well (the celebrant's friend's beau is part of the Lefty band). Wish I could make it though (or I'll just tell my bro to give him my gift to her). Check out the flyer for the event below (click for a larger image) -

Look what I found archived on YouTube (circa 1999) -

This reminds me...Wasn't the La Bamba star Lou Diamond Philips recently arrested for domestic violence against his live-in girlfriend?

Anyway, Al and I were also invited to represent a group at the Parol Parade in San Francisco which is also happening today. We missed the workshops the past two Fridays because something came up, and I guess I'll be missing this year's parade as well (we were there last year and that's what got me into the holiday spirit). Anyway, we'll definitely try (I really wanted to go, hehe)...


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