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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Barry Zito Officially a Giant!

So I was still sleeping, when Al suddenly starts cheering out loud. I asked him what's going on (although I already assumed that it was about sports since he was ont he internet) and he told me the news - that cutie Barry Zito has finally signed on to be part of the San Francisco Giants team! Not much of a move for him, since he's moving from the Oakland A's (and why not since he's getting a contract for $126 million for 7 years). Go Barry! I guess now we'll have two cheers for two Barrys! Hip hip hooray!

Sad news though over the holidays - Godfather of Soul, James Brown dies on Chrsitmas morning, and former prez Gerald Ford dies at 93. That's my grandma's age and I'm hoping she lives to be a hundred!


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