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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Christmas is a Time for Sharing

So it's been a busy holiday week at work. Tuesday, we had our little secret santa game over dinner at Lime by Castro. It's a cool hip place with 60's decor, and modern sound mixes. But I think the highlight is their menu with their mojito drinks and mini dishes. So of course, we gotta try everthing (well almost). I think my fave were the mini burgers and the grilled cheese sandwiches. The fish tacos were really good too, but if you're really hungry, I think you'll have to order a lot. We also had beef tartar, some lamb, lollipop cheesecake, mini cupcakes, etc. The dishes are not too expensive anyways. After dinner, we exchanged our gifts (but we didn't sign it so that people get to guess who gave it to them). Of course, my guess was wrong coz I went second. I gave an i-tunes card to whoever I picked and some christmas blend Starbucks ground coffee since I got a tip from a co-worker that he likes coffee and music. Anyway, the gang sang happy birthday (three of us are celebrating our birthday this month). Kewl!

Wednesday, we had our Adopt-a-Family gift wrapping. This is my first good deed of the holiday season. Yesterday, we went shopping for clothes since our 'Glide family' put that on their wishlist. I was able to buy two long-sleeve shirts and yoga pants. We all had to gather at the cafe to do our gift-wrapping (they provided materials). It was kinda fun, I must say. After the wrapping, we had to bring it to a common area where people were boxing it up, labelling it, and getting it ready for the family we picked. I felt good afterwards, and I hope the family likes it.

Today, it was work as usual, but in the afternoon, we rode the shuttle to go to the Columbia Park Boys and Girls Club in the mission district to do some volunteer work. I didn't know what to expect as this was my first time doing this. We had two choices - to decorate cookies, or to do arts and crafts. I chose the latter since I thought that would be much more fun. Anyway, our task was to help kids decorate their clubhouse. A lot of kids sat around me, so I helped them make snowmen, raindeer brown bag puppets, candy canes, christmas cards, and a paper christmas tree. I was amazed at how talented and creative the adorable kids were. They were telling me lots of stories, and were enjoying every moment of creative activity. I had fun myself. After the activity, we had a tour of the place. The org means a lot to the staff, as they themselves grew up there when they were kids, and they really appreciate volunteers to help out with the kids. I think I'd want to do this again. It feels good to do something good, especially the holidays. I'm really glad I did it.


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