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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The Kim Family Tragedy

I need to blog this. I was watching this bit of news closely as soon as I heard about it, when James Kim's sister reported his family missing while they travelled to a lodge in Southern Oregon from their Thanksgiving trip from Washington. James Kim is a senior editor at CNet in SF, who used to work at TechTV. Anyway, after two weeks, the helicopter chartered by the family found his body floating in a creek. I cried.

Days before they found his body, the wife and kids were saved from their stranded car, again spotted by the chartered helicopter. What was amazing was that the wife tried to breastfeed the kids (one who was already 4 yrs ols I believe) so they would survive. They ate baby food, wild berries, and burned tires to keep warm when they ran out of gas using the heater. Following that, rescuers found items of clothing and an SOS note that belonged to James Kim (they believe he left them as a trail for rescuers). At this point I was optimistic he'll survive. I wanted him to survive because his cause is noble, looking for help to save his family. And this event really struck a chord. Al and I planned to drive up Washington during the holidays, but after recent events, we thought it wasn't such a good idea.

Also, I guess part of me wanted him to survive because he was a tech geek, and break stereotypes that even techies can survive the wild. Or in his case an Asian stereotype of a techie. But at least he broke down the stereotype of the effeminate Asian male - he died a hero, risking his life to save his own family. I don't usually take initiative to watch the news unless Al watches it, but this time I was monitoring the news everyday to read on the developments of the search for James Kim. And yes, this made me cry.

Speaking of heroes, Al and I watched the final episode of Heroes for this season (and I still can't get enough of it). We were bummed when they said this was the final show before the next season. Deng, we have to wait! Ahhh, sucks! Anyhoo, we love this show and it keeps us intrigued every time we watch an episode.


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