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Thursday, December 21, 2006

More Holiday Celebrations

At work, my boss treated me and our team to a Holiday lunch at One Market Restaurant. Originally, we went to Town Hall, but they were packed. So we tried two others, Faz was closed for a private party, and the other (forgot the name) was just not taking people - maybe they're just snooty? So we ended up at One Market, and I had the mahi-mahi with some buttered basmati (yum). I loved it, except for the fact that parts of the fish were raw! I should've asked to have it well done.

Earlier in the morning, my employer had a buffet breafast for the whole group. I got more than a fair share of bacon slices, scrambled eggs, a muffin, fruits, sausages, and orange juice. Gosh, the holidays didn't start yet and already I've had sooo much to eat!

Yesterday, we had a meeting and a co-worker of mine and myself were surprised with a birthday cake (btw, we celebrate the same birthday)! The cake was so good - a flourless chocolate cake! Baked by another co-worker of mine who used to be a pastry chef! This I didn't know. No wonder he makes great cakes. We blew some candles, ate some, and ate some more, hehe. Anyway, it's always great to celebrate it with someone or else I'll get too embarassed. Today, I got a little gift which I think is an orchid from co-workers. Such a thoughtful gesture! It was lovely btw.


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