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Friday, December 08, 2006

My Very Lucky Holiday Week

Just when I was feeling down this holiday season, I am having the best week ever (wow sounds like VH-1). Anyway, here's why:

1. Big Spin - I went grocery shopping and decided to buy some scratcher game, coz I was feeling lucky (you have to understand, I never do this sort of thing, probably did it 3 times in my lifetime). Anyway, as I bought my first set of random scratcher games (some I chose coz they looked cute like the cherry game), I instantly won $10. I bought a second set and won another round of $6. So I bought another set of 6 and won $10 again! I was getting embarrassed going back in the shop, but I bought my final set and won $4. I didn't claim the last one coz the lady kept teasing me that it must be my lucky day. I should've exchanged it though, and who knows, I might have won.

2. Week of Treats - Last Monday, work kicked off thei holiday week-of-treats. Everyday, management is giving their employees at least one treat. So on our all-hands, and after a round of fun games, they called numbers and I was the 2nd person to win! I won a cute white holiday-ish bear stuff toy and some Lindt chocolate (yum). Second day, we had coffee and breakfast treats. Third day, I don't remember. Fourth day, we had gifts on our desks, and when I opened it, it was a baby blue fleece sweartshirt (my fave color too). Fifth day, we had another round of coffee and cookie treats.

3. Ice skating - We also had our annual holiday thing at work, where the whole group went ice skating in Embarcadero. Of course, I'm scared of trying with my bad back so I didn't even skate, but it was fun watching other people fall down (just kidding). Actually, people did very well, some even brought their kids. Anyway, it kinda put me in a holiday mood, and people were taking lots of pictures.

4. New laptop - My work laptop is not functioning anymore, so my boss requested a new one. The order was quick, and the features great! I didn't expect to get a Dell Latitude (I had an old IBM Thinkpad before this which I'm returning) and the new one had Centrino Duo, widescreen monitor, Vista capable, and even a DVD-R. I guess it was more than what I asked for.

5. Tribu Grill dinner and cookies - I went home early that day too (everyone did after the skating) that I called up my friend to invite her for a quick dinner. I passed by really quick at a friend's house, and picked up another friend, Anne, at her workplace. She gave me some good cookies (which is all gone by now, hehe) and off we went to eat at Tribu Grill. At first we couldn't find it (our clue was that it was close to Patio Filipino), so I ended up calling 411. We finally found it (our first time eating there) and the food is so-so. The ambiance is nice though.

6. Rock for Aids - So I got invited to a birthday at a Rollerskate rink blocks away from our place by a respectable actress known in our community. She is also inviting us to see her friend's band called Scissors For Lefty who we heard of before. My impression is that they are a good band, so it's worth seeing. It so happened that my bro's old band, Julie Plug, is also opening for them. I hope we can make it. It's for a good cause peeps.

7. Parol Parade - So this year, a client of mine invited us to help represent them at this year's parol parade in SF. We were there last year as spectators and we loved the holiday ambiance! They had this huge parol last year, and I'm hoping they have it this year. Unfortunately, this event is a the same time as the Rock for Aids event. Oh wells.

8. Friendster Layout - So I was surfing the net to look for skins since Friendster recently changed their layout. I came across thie generator and a site by a talented designer. I thought I would check it out to see if it works. And I guess it did. I tried a couple of layouts until I settled for an orange skin. I guess I'm changing my colors. Check it out!


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