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Monday, December 04, 2006

Not Feeling the Holidays

It's weird, but despite all the holiday cheer around me, I'm not in my usual holiday spirit. I'm usually the first person who is so into Christmas, but even shopping for gifts this year is getting me down. Anyway, maybe it's coz I just had a dental appointment yesterday and my gums hurt like hell! The dentist had to put a temporary crown and it took him two hours. To top it off, my back started hurting again.

Anyhoo, Al and I did our holiday shopping yesterday. Despite being a perfect weekend, I wasn't in a good mood. Is it the weather? Or maybe coz I've been eating too much dessert lately and too much sugar is getting me down. Hmm. I got my Sinugba and House of Silvana fix, and pretty much finished my Xmas shopping (just a few more), but I guess the spending is getting me down too. Oh wells.


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