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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Birthday Dinner at Poleng Lounge

It's always nice to celebrate birthdays. Sometimes, I had parties on New Year's Eve, but that's usually a bad idea (since people sometimes have their own new year's celebrations). So this year, I decided to stick to my birthdate since it falls on a Saturday anyway. In my non-anticipation for this day (yes, today I am reminded that I am a year older), I was surprised that I actually had fun. This year, I had more reminders than ever with several greetings at work and home, and even friends online. Al had already bought me a birthday gift (love it), but he also added that he wanted to treat me for dinner. Last year, he blew me away with a diamond ring and a five-course dinner at Top of the Mark restaurant, complete with a jazz ensemble and a bottle of champagne. This year, he suggested Poleng Lounge. Since the dishes are Asian fusion, I consented (I think the adobo crispy wings, eggplant adobo on the menu, and being named as one of the Best Restaurants of 2007 by the Chronicle convinced me). So we drove to San Francisco, found good parking right away, and went inside the lounge.

The ambiance was very nice and simple. We met up with a couple of friends and family. They sat us at the back (I think they called it the temple room). The food was good, but portions were not much (yep, we eat a lot, hehe). We chatted and ate and drank (I just drank sum tea coz I was sick). Dinner was fun. We were going to wait for the club part of the night and hang out by the bar, but the place seemed pretty dead (maybe coz the real party is tomorrow for New Year's. Anyway, we just continued chatting outside the restaurant and called it a day.

At home, I was excited to open gifts (I felt like a little kid). I got a Coach wallet (thanks Tita), Bath and Body stuff, two bottles of wine, and the dinner from hubby and siblings. Other birthday gifts were given together on Xmas day, hehe. Kewl!


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