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Saturday, January 13, 2007

A Dinner and Marketplace Stroll

So an old friend Ed decided to have dinner at Osha. We used to hang out there when we were single, in our earlier days at Geary (when It wasn't called Osha yet and we referred to it as Thai Noodle). It had an extreme make-over from hole-in-the-wall to upscale in a matter of years, branching out in different parts of San Francisco. Then sprung out more Thai restaurants in the city (years ago, Thai restaurants have a classy and traditional feel to it, while Osha made it more modernized and hip, and yet the good food is affordable).

Anyway, our dinner plan was more reminiscent of good 'ol times, when we would watch concerts or go to a club, and look for a place to eat after midnight that had better food than a Denny's or places in Chinatown. Osha was among those that became our favorites, along with good 'ol ghetto Tu Lan. We planned to meet in Embarcadero, and of course, the location had that upscale ambiance, complete with a bar. So we were cracking up. Looking at the menu, the prices were higher, and the plating on the dishes were very nice (compared to the one on Geary where rice is just placed on the plate, and the meat on top of it). Again, we were commenting on the differences, and how pretentious the place seems. But it was a nice ambiance, and the food was still awesome.

It was a nice 'couples' night, and we couldn't really do touristy things because it was late in the night. We are getting too old, but we did manage to walk around the ferry building so Ed can show Anne where Slanted Door is at. Stores were closed in the building, but Al suddenly became reminiscent of it when he used to photograph pigeons (and their pupu, hahaha) by the ferry docks at the back of the building. I, on the other hand, was reminiscent of being tutored on PHP and MySQL at one of the cafes in there.


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