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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

An Emergency Trip to Wash Town

I am sooo tired right now. Al and I just came back from our trip to Seattle to visit my mom. She just had surgery to prep her for dialysis (again) since her transplanted kidney is failing (again). I feel sad. And scared. I think she's really scared too, and extremely depressed - she was even willing to pay for our air fare and car rental. I just wish I was there, longer than our very short stay. My boss is sooo cool (she knows my situation) that she approached me and checked if I was okay. She even asked if I needed to be there and work remotely. I wish it was that easy, but good thing my family pitched in and offered to help my mom out. Oh and my little sis, although she can't drive yet, is keeping her company in the meantime. I'm also calling her everyday and checking on her. But sometimes I get nervous when she doesn't answer her phone (this happened one time, and I found out that she slept after drinking her pain meds). Poor mommy! But at least some prescription of TFC and Wowowee is making her happy, hahaha!


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