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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

More Private Parties at Work

Man, I am enjoying my work. Lately, we had some visibility in the press (those who know me probably knows what I mean). But I am loving it anyway - consider the fringe benefits and discounts alone. Plus free entrances to SFMOMA. And the view is very excellente. Plus the peeps here party all the time. And that means free booze!

Downstairs, they had another shindig going on. I saw banners of an anniversary, but I wasn't sure. Today, we had our own party at Tres Agaves. This was my first time there - the place was cozy and tacos were good. I walked over there thinking that it wasn't too far from my building, but it was! My foot started to hurt (stupid me wore my Ann Taylor heels instead of sneakers thinking the place was very close to work). I didn't drink since I was driving all the way to SJ, but some of my co-workers were having shots, hehe. The background music was new wave from my co-worker's iPod (I think he had a mix from his DJ friend). I like the food, and I like the vibe and the space. Great place to hold a small party.


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