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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Rough Draft Project Update

Hmm, yeah, I haven't really posted anything on that blog for a long, long time. But today, I was sorting my bills when I found a stack of old, unlabelled floppy disks on my accumulated pile of miscellaneous stuff to sort that before I throw them away (or put aside), I want to make sure it is labelled correctly. So I looked into the files and found a very old poem that reminded me of an earlier stage of my life. Memorable and pathetic, but nevertheless life-changing and educational.

Anyway, definitely check it out here and let me know what you think.

Also, I finally signed up for the new blogger last week (after some hesitation for a long time). So I changed my template to reflect a new rss url instead of my feedburner link (not that it matters, but blogger offers a url that is more memorable than my feedburner one). Will try out the new features and hacks once I have bandwidth. Also, my content was moved to a different server so notice that my radio blog is missing a lot of music. Again, will fix it when I have some bandwidth. Sorry and stay tuned!

Since I'm in a download franzy, I finally updated to IE 7 (I've been using it at work on occasion, but was adamant about using it personally at home). I guess Microsoft has the upgrade up on their site now. I was going to try the stand alone, but then I thought that I'd just totally give up IE 6 which will be obsolete anyway. I also changed my settings to ones I'm more familiar with, so now I'm getting used to it. I also downloaded Firefox 2 just for upgrade kicks (and of course downloaded some add-on goodies).


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