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Monday, January 01, 2007

Reflections on the Year 2006

With the new year upon us and the old year just another memory, I'm not sure if I'm looking forward to another new year. I haven't set any goals yet, nor resolutions for 2007, but I guess I have the same goal for every year, that is, to lose weight, hehe.

Anyhoo, 2006 was a year that Al and I got married (again) but this time in church (yes, after 8 years). It was the best moment of our lives. The planning started in February, after our short vacation from Washington, and when my aunt made us realize that we were missing the sacrament of marriage, and that my grandma is not getting any younger either. For the most part, the whole year was about the wedding. I even stopped my masters classes just to focus on it, and now it's difficult to go back to school (although I only have 6 more classes to go).

Amazingly, this is also the year my eyesight has returned to normal after 25 years. Those who are close to me know what I mean. But this is life changing for me since I have a different view of the world (literally). In short, I can see better, hehe.

This is also the year I got a new job with a very cool employer and got to see San Francisco more frequently than my years of growing up. This time, I'm there everyday, and am loving every moment of it. I miss my old job a lot (and a lot of my co-workers) but it's time to move on (plus the new job has great benefits, hehe).

This year was also a good year to be reunited with family. I got reconnected with family members and old friends because of the wedding. I also met new people along the way (some new clients, and others, just cool peeps). This is also the year I learned a lot about myself, and who my real friends are.

But this is also the year where we struggled financially because of all the expenses of the wedding (cathcing up with other payments, and paying off a few), and yet, this is also the year with had the most blessings.

I guess I'm uncertain about the new year, and I don't know what the future holds for us, but maybe I just have to wait and see...


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