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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Find the Song that's on your Mind

You guys already probably heard about Midomi, the site where you can hum a song and discover what song it is. With a microphone on your computer, you can now finally find the title and artist of that song that's been buggin' you the whole day coz you can't remember who sang it, or you just don't know the title, period.

On my quest in searching for Sophia Shorai's Target ad song, I came across this website which I think is awesome. I guess you can go to the forums and ask about the song you wanted to know about. This site will also try to dig deeper into tracks that are being used in TV commercials. Interestingly enough, I found the jingles that Sophia Shorai has done in the past. Thanks promo guy! Oh, and here's a cool ad by Coke (a spoof on the video game Grand Theft Auto which is refreshing for a change). Oh, and remember Bugsy Malone? Hehe. Al loves this ad.


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